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Iran is a country which is located in south-west Asia and in middle east with a surface area of 1,648,195 km2 and its population based on the latest census statistics including migration is over 80 million people. Tehran,is the capital,largest city and the caltural,indistrial and political center of iran.

The history of iran in the ancient Iranian myths dates back to the beginning of history but the political history of that starts with beginning of medes kingdom.

Iran,is neighboring with pakistan and Afghanistan in the east,and with caspian sea in middle part of the north and in northwest with republic of azerbaijan and armenia,and in the west with turkey and Iraq and in the north with persian Gulf and Gulf of oman.

More than half of Iran’s surface are desert and semi desert.

About one third of Iran’s ground coverd by mountain’s and a small region of iran is also composed of flat land that include southern flat of caspian see and khuzestan flat.

Now a days Iran has many ethnicities, including Mazandaran,Gilak,Lar,Azari,kurdish,Baluch,Turkmen , Arabs,and Talesh.

There are about 20 languages and 110 linguistic dialect in Iran.

And the largest Iranian linguistic groups are sequential as Persian,Turkish,Azerbaijani,kurdish,Gilaki,and Mazandaran,Baluchi,Taleshi and Lori,Arabic,Turkmen,Armenian,Assyrian,and etc… but Iranian’s original languageis is persian.

If we moving on from Iran’s all effable which is not fit into this brief text,the beauty of Iran is obvious to everyone. Iran is one of the unique country in terms of weather climate.

Sometimes temperature difference between the hottest and coldest area in winter reaches over 50 degrees celsius.

According to these condition,there are some beautiful areas in any Iran’s corner that each of them are spectacular and described alone.

From the north to the south and the east to the west of Iran there are many attractive place that each of them has the value of long hours for watching and excursion.


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