General information


Kish Island is one of the Persian Gulf islands and is part of Bandar Lengeh city in Hormozgan province in southern Iran.The shape of the island is elliptical with an area of 44 km and a length of about 15.45 km and a width of about 7.5 km, an area of 90 square kilometers.More than 1,700,000 tourists visit the island.
Kish Island has a warm and humid climate. The average temperature is 27 degrees centigrade and in most cases it exceeds 32 degrees centigrade.





During the Achaemenid period, Kish was the main center for fishing for the Pearl of Mesopotamia and India, and the world’s merchants traveled to the island.
The era of majesty and flourishing of the history of Kish started from the fourth century AH after the earthquake in Siraf.
it is clear from evidence that during the Ghaznavids and Seljuks era, the Kish Island, has been the center of the trade in Persian Gulf .


Local Food

Most of the inhabitants of Kish Island are Arabs in the south of our country, which is why Arabic cuisine is one of the most original and most popular food on this island.
Samak Mashwi‬‏ is also a popular Arabic cuisine,that the most important part of which is the delicious fish of the Persian Gulf. Fish of This dish can be fried or grilled depending on your order, which has an extraordinary taste in a unique combination of spicy Arabic spices.

kish food


Important places

The Dolphin Park is about 100 hectares in the southeast of Kish Island. The collection includes green space with a variety of plant species, the garden of birds, and the first and only dolphinarium in Iran.
In this dolphinarium, there are variety of marine mammals, including dolphins, northern sea lion, southern sea lion, northern cats, hogs, and penguins and visitors can visit their trained by Iranian educators. A total of 21 mammals are kept in pools with a volume of 18,000 cubic meters filled with sea water.



Unknown places

Kariz Underground
Kariz is The underground city with surface era of more than 10,000 square meters.
The underground city is located at a depth of 16 meters above the ground and has a 8 meter roof overflowing with oysters, fossils and marine corals, dating back between 270 and 570 million years.



Souvenirs & handicrafts

The southern regions of Iran have a perfectly suitable climate for the production of dates. Among all province Hormozgan is the most suitable area for the purchase of dates. Kish Island also plays a major role in the production of dates as one of Hormozgan's functions




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