General information


In the middle of the Iran’s plateau, there is a city that attracts many people from all over the world with it’s spectacular and beauty.Isfahan is a beautiful and attractive city that has many beautiful place.Many tourists come to this land to visit overall and be all eyes  at the scenery  structures of this city.Perhaps the epithet of half of the world is admittedly suitable for  this ancient area of our country, which  relates history that may preserve history as a mystery in their chests forever, or guide us to discover the reality with some signs.These  monument have elate everywhere in the city and despite the all the  unkindness of these days, they are still steady  to stimulate the wonder of viators by their splendor.



Isfahan Pic.

Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad because it has a population of approximately 1.5 million.The following counties constitute the city: Borkhar County, Najafabad County, Khomeyni Shahr County, Shahin Shahr and Meymeh County, Mobarakeh County, Falavarjan County, Tiran and Karvan County, Lenjan County and Isfahan County.


Local Food

Each city and province has its own signs that are somehow the city's birth certificate.One of these signs is local food.In the following, we will introduce some local food in Isfahan


Important places

Chehel sotoun palace

This building is located in the middel of an eye-catching gardenand this is started up by Shah Abbas I, which he built, and in the reign of Shah Abbas II, with the general changes in the building, were added the mirror hall, the 20-pillar hall, the two large north and south rooms of the mirror wall, the porches in sides of The Royal Hall and the Great Pool in front of the Hall with all the decorations of the painting and mirror and the tiling of the walls and ceilings.


Unknown places

The waterfall of the grasshopper is one of the strangest waterfalls in Iran,that destroying all attacking locusts with its special compounds in the water,


Souvenirs & handicrafts

The Miniature paint brush is made of Persian cat's hair and pigeon's feather. The material on which the miniature is painted is camel bone and pressed camel bone powder for bigger sizes, also hand-made paper or ancient paper, leather shell and rarely on ivory. The painting subjects are based on Persian culture. Some of them are based on poems of Persian poets such as Omar Khayyam, Hafiz, Saadi, Firdowsi, Moulavi and some on Persian stories such as Shahnameh, Khosrow-Shirin and tales of HezaroyekShab (Shahrzad) or the life of tribes and clans, inns and ancient life, polo playing, hunting and some Iranian high-ranking people such as Dervish, Shahrzad, Iranian Princes and poets.



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