General information


SHIRAZ is the capital of Fars Province.Shiraz is known as the city of poets, wine , literature.
The city of Shiraz is considered one of the major metropolises in Iran, and also considered as one of the most important tourist cities. The distance from Shiraz to the center of Iran, Tehran, is about 919 kilometers.
this city has been named the most touristy city of Iran because it has 24 monuments.



Shiraz Pic.

Shiraz is located in the southwest of Iran on the “Roodkhaneye Khoshk” (The Dry River) seasonal river. It has a moderate climate and has been a regional trade center for over a thousand years. Shiraz is one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia.


Local Food

Each city and province has its own signs that are somehow the city's birth certificate.One of these signs is local food.In the following, we will introduce some local food in Shiraz.


Important places

The Eram Garden, which it's building remain of the Qajar period, is the most beautiful garden in Shiraz.Ornamental flowers and varieties kind of plant in this garden have made it the botanical garden of Shiraz University.


Unknown places

Gambill canyon is a lost paradise in Iran in Fars province near Shiraz. This tang is located in the village of Saran Paradise.


Souvenirs & handicrafts

(mosaic) Khatam Shiraz
This art is one of the most valuable and beautiful handicrafts of Shiraz, which is made of wood, ivory, bone and gold.
Many of the artists of art known the khatam originate in Shiraz, and actually Khatam of Shiraz is famous in the whole country.



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